The Midnight Men

Thea K.'s PoV - 7/29

Final Notes

We got back late last night from the fae wild. I spent a few hours up, thinking. It's almost miraculous that I ran into mother. Perhaps it's was inevitable, but likely not. I wonder if this would be "fate." I think    I ought to focus on helping her. I don't know how much I can do, but I have to try something. The trouble is, I'll have to take a temporary leave of absence from the M group. It's not ideal, but Dad & Loukas have waited long enough. We've made do, but since Mom was taken away,     happiness has not often graced our home. We're fine enough on our own, but    I still can't help but feel that Dad sees me as the reason she disappeared.    I can't blame him. Until I found out she'd been taken, I did as well.

So, I will be taking my leave. I'll be back in a few weeks to check in on things, but it'll be easier if I go quietly. It's not like I'm close to the other M fighters, so I doubt any of them will take offense to my leaving without saying goodbye. I made them a video, though, to let them know why I'm gone. I've made one for Dad & Loukas as well.

I somehow went from my computer to the lounge couch. I most likely slept walked, or teleported. [Louise carried her.] Eventually the others all showed up in the lounge, and we got to talking about plans. I informed the others of what I saw from the Remote Sensor last night, and we eventually agreed to infiltrate inconspicuously (hopefully). We'll likely deal with the details later.

After that, Louise & I went to the school to speak with my professor regarding Arthurian History. We discussed Mordrem for a bit, but Louise took me to the side to talk. I told him I wanted to fnd out more about Morgan LeFay, as we're related. I mostly wanted to know because she's family. My thoughts went from there to Mom, and then to my plan to leave. I don't know why, but I felt uneasy hiding it. He noticed that I was hiding something, and remarked upon it. I tried redirecting the source of my discomfort to the discrimination I experienced as a child. I ended up ranting instead. I feel like a fool.

We went back to the professor and asked about Morgan's lineage, hoping we could somehow trace her though that. He gave us a list of books to read through, but wasn't able to help us immediately.

At one point today, I told Kurt about my connection to Morgan. He took it, oddly. In fact, right after that he went up to the library for some time. I happened upon him when he came out, and he looked even more unsettled. He asked if I wanted to get some fresh air with him.

We went around the block, and when we were a distance from the base, he asked me about Mr. M. He went to speak of how we were all selected by him, "by chance" that one night. How he called us the cities "knights", and their obsession with Arthurian lore. He had properly conveyed his suspicions that Mr. M is either Mordred or Morgan.

I quickly suspected that we would be in range of microphones or cameras, so before I thought better of it, I teleported us away. We went to a diner, but my sudden teleportation caused Kurt great alarm. He was unsure of my loyalty, with good reason. I assured him of my loyalty to our friends, and thankfully he believed me.

Due to the sudden suspicion that is naturally thrown on me, in light of my connections, I told him of my plan to leave. We will let the others know, as well, while on our way to the Gilded Thorns.

I don't know if it's a good idea anymore for me to help mother escape. If the M's were planning to use me, then they could use Mother- and she would likely be even more dangerous. The prison of her family will likely better protect her than I ever could. Still, I need distance between me and M- I can't risk their using me.

I'm going to call a friend. After that, I'll stop by home. See Loukas one more time-    and Dad.



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