The Midnight Men

Thea K.'s PoV - 7/23


Kurt & I stayed up for a while longer after we took care of the attackers. We were making rounds, to ensure anyone who had been injured was properly looked after.

After we'd slept for some time, our guide lead us to the hunters in order to obtain the designs for the communication devices. It went over surprisingly easily- though, rather costly. Another time that I'm relieved to have a native with us. Without Louise, I don't know how we would have paid for it.

The ride to the city was a bit- rough. Athena seemed to have a bit of a hard time controlling the animals. Emily went to help her, but in the end it seemed they only aggravated on another. It was almost impossible to create the communication devices under such circumstances, but I decided, for my health, not to scold the drivers.

We finally arrived at the city, and went to the Dullaghan's house to stay the night. We found some food, and reviewed the plan for the party tomorrow.

As I was working to make the second communication device, Kurt came in. It seems one of the hero's in his book in someone that Emily   may have been forced to     kill. I went to check up on her, but she seemed to be really out of it. She kept repeating the same thing over & over. Kurt said the best thing to do was to leave her alone.   He's probably right.

I tried to lock the liquor cabinet, hoping that Emily wouldn't immediately run to that. She wasn't ready for that, though. Talking to people makes it much easier, but, to force someone into that before they're ready is too dangerous.

While I was still working, some of the others went to scout the area of the party. When they came back, Kurt was able to inform me of the layout of the area. I believe we shall actually be prepared for this.

Kurt, Emily & Athena went to the party, while Inestine & I stayed back for an opportune time to infiltrate the vault.

Right before Inestine & I teleported to the vault, I saw someone. She looked     very much     like my mother. It was    unsettling, to say the least. She had a strange contraption around her neck. It almost looked like a collar of some sort. It matters not.

Inestine was successfully able to retirieve the helm. People constantly amaze me. Inestine is actually quite intelligent! It seems that due to his lack of verbal communication, he is severely crippled, when it comes to communication. I had thought him to be dumb in the mind, as well as the tongue. But then, I also had similar troubles when learning English. It's quite hard to properly convey things in a second language. I can only imagine how much harder it would be to communicate in a different median. After all, circumstances called for me to communicate solely depending upon scent, I do not believe I would be capable of succeeding. (I actually did try to find a way before. I have yet to succeed.)

So, I accidentally teleported into the party   next to the woman who looked like my mother. Unfortunately, due to my dropping in on the party without my invitation, I was apprehended by the guards. Athena attempted to have me released, but to no avail. The skeletal guards seem almost mechanical, simply carrying out orders.

The woman    was in fact my mother. We got to talk. [Somewhere between hours 3-4 in the livestream.] Unfortunately, due to our time constraints, our time together was short.

I managed to reconvene with the others, and from the Dullaghans apartment we made our way to the portal. It was connected to a club in Pumpkin Hill, with very loud music. From there, I grabbed a hoagie, and teleported back to the base.

Once I was back, I tuned into the bug that was planted on the member of the Guilded Thorns. Alexis Cheng, and another woman were there. They were discussing pro-human vs. anti-inhuman issues. Alexis doesn't seem to fully agree with the Guilded Thorns' anti-inhuman views. It sounded like she was hoping to sway their opinion in that.

I was able to hear the address of where Cheng was going to be patrolling tonight. I also saw what apartment they were staying in, just before the visual cut out. I'll tell the others of this, upon their return.



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