The Midnight Men

Thea K.'s PoV - 7/04

Into the Wylde

Authors note:
Heya :) In case anyones caught onto the discrepancy between the way Eidothea speaks, and how she writes, there's actually a reason for that. Thea's writing in her native language, Atlantean. As she's always worked around intellectuals, she's used to a more careful way of speaking. She writes as she'd normally speak in her own tongue.

In contrast, when speaking English she is much more casual. This is mostly due to her learning it in order to fit in with humans of her own age, and spending several years refining her manner of speech with her human peers. As a result, her English leans on the casual side, while her Atlantean still portrays a tad more of her intellectual side. (Sort of, I'm trying to make her sound about as intelligent as other Atlanteans would view her. Smart, but still a ways away from a P.h.D.)       Enjoy! :)


Well, I'm writing this from an    unexpected place. It seems we- we being Louise, Athena & I- are in another Space, of sorts. Perhaps I should write form the beginning.

I had teleported with Kurt after our fight at the hospital. He & I spent a little time there, when we got a text from Louise. It was completely garbled, but Kurt was able to figure out that Louise & Emily were at a school. It seems Louise had attempted to text in midst flight. Once he'd landed, he let us know which school it was they were at. I teleported with Kurt, picked up Athena, and took us all over there, in time to find our allies in mid fight.

What they were fighting, was a gigantic hound of some sort, with several heads. We fought for a short time with the creature, when it started picking up our allies     with it's mouth. It even managed to catch Athena for a while. I will admit, when I saw her unable to escape,      I was quite perturbed. Thankfully, I was able to teleport over, grab both Athena & Emily, and teleport them to safety.

A few seconds later, the beast was downed. We carefully approached it, realizing that it was still alive. Athena & Louise argued for a bit over what we ought to do with the beast, but Athena quickly got fed up, and thrust a sword in each of it's heads. The creature began to be transported away through a portal of some form. It seemed to be comprised of the same magic that I use to teleport. Louise moved to enter through it, and I jumped after him. <s>For a moment, I was scared. It reminded me </s>    Athena ran in after us, and soon we were all traveling through the portal. 


There were many strange images that flashed before our- or at least my own- eyes. A vast amount of creatures, dark, with many eyes. They reminded me of some of the beings in the depths of the sea, yet most were somehow more      disturbing.

None too soon, we landed. The ground felt unstable beneath me, and everything around me had the same feeling the images from the portal gave off. I've been here- in this land- before, when I'd first acquired my powers.

When we landed Athena bolted after the hound (which, was at good health again, as it was is it's home plain). I ran after them both, and realized that the hound was heading toward a castle. However, Louise somehow pulled us back toward himself, and advised us to proceed with caution. He said that if we went into the castle, we very well may not make it back out. He later mentioned that this world is his home, which explains his familiarity with the customs, and dangers of this land.

Speaking of Louise, his natural form is quite a bit different from what I'd expected. He seemed like a giant bird- an owl, specifically- covered in sleek black feathers, with a white face, but on four legs, instead of two. He introduced himself under many titles, but the one I recall best is "The Face of the Moon." An odd title, but appropriate, somehow.

<meta />

His voice became deeper, too. I don't think it was so much because of his transformation, as a shift in his attitude. He sounded more serious. <s>Perhaps even afr </s>

Louise managed to gain us an audience with the lord of the castle, and we were shown to a waiting room. The technology in this world is quite remarkable. The doors we passed through seemed average height, yet despite the substantial size of Louise's natural form, he was able to pass through them with no problem. Later, I approached him in order to have a quiet word with him, and as I got closer it seemed as though we were the same size.

It seems the magics of this world- er, plain- are much more advanced than I could have imagined. I do wonder how such spells are triggered. Perhaps they have installed circuits throughout their housing, to hold certain spells. But, that still doesn't explain how it activates. I suppose I ought to hold off on my speculations, though, until I've actually spectated a bit more.

We'd waited for a few minutes, and were fetched by a rather   disturbing servant. The woman we'd heard of, who murdered her own child, quite obviously dead, yet somehow alive still on this plain.       Perhaps this is where the humans go after their deaths?

She led us into a chamber where the ruler of the castle was seated. An intimidating fellow, who for some reason holds his head in his hand, rather than placing it back on his neck. Or at least, where his neck ought to be. Perhaps it some sort of custom in this world. A sign of ones might, or prestige. The hound lay, tired, at the lords feet.

The lord greeted us, Athena as a woman of Tali, and I as a halfling. How he knew that, I still do not know. It is strange, as well, that he should even refer to me that way. The people pf Atlantis have stopped referring to those such as I as halflings for several generations now. But then, when he thinks I do not hear, Grandfather still calls me a halfling. Perhaps this is where Atlanteans go after death as well, and as far as this lord was aware, halfling is still an acceptable term.

After Louise answered, he cautiously advanced with questioning the lord, in order to find out why he'd sent his pet to attack innocents on earth. The lord (the Collector of the Dead) as was one of his many titles, said his pet was only to collect certain humans- as a part of an agreement. He seemed a little put out upon hearing that others had been involved in its feastings.

When asked what agreement he was speaking of, he replied that several centuries ago one Ichabod Crane had struck a deal with the him for a continuation of Cranes own life. Every 70 years, 7 of Cranes descendants would become forfeit, a sort of tribute to the Collector of Souls.

I believe the way it works, is that the hound would be released into the earth, and consume the descendants. In so doing, their soul would be transferred to this castle, where they would then serve the Collector. Perhaps the remaining life force that had been within them would then be transferred to Crane. But then, it wouldn't always calculate 7 lives to 70 years, so I suppose not.

Regardless, such an agreement… it's disgusting. Only the lowest filth among those living could make such an agreement for his own selfish ambitions. Who could do such a thing? Moreover, who would even want continuous life?      A fool, I suppose.

Louise asked the Collector of Souls if anything can be done to terminate Crane's contract. He said that if we were to bring him a relic he fancies, he would be willing to end the agreement in exchange for it. Louise agreed to attempt recovering the item, though I'm not yet sure when he means to do so.

Once the meeting was over, the Collector offered us rooms for the night. I'm a little nervous about not leaving for home right away, but at the same time, it's already late. We've already had several encounters tonight, and I think it's high time we take a proper rest. Especially Louise & Athena. They've been out all night, and Athena <s>was almost </s> took quite a beating.

I suppose I could use the rest as well, though. This day has been quite unsettling.



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