The Midnight Men

Thea K.'s PoV - 6/25

We are attempting to carry out our plan today. I was unsuccessful at planting a device in their server room that would've helped me to hack into their system (in order to fabricate a story of how Barry arrived in the hospital). In the end, Louise made a call to a friend of his to help us out.

Louise was waiting in the hospital room for whoever should appear, and I was with Emily in the waiting room, in case something went awry. Emily got up after a little while, but a few seconds after she left the power went out. Our enemy was present, and they started moving to attack.

After a bit of a scuffle, I thought it best to teleport to the hospitals generators. It was a simple fix, in the end. I'm sure they thought they were being clever, but it's seems that our adversaries are not actually that useful when it comes to technological matters.

We're going to have a meeting soon to report on how things went for everyone.



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