The Midnight Men

Thea K.'s PoV - 6/18

I spent my night designing and creating a sort of tracking device. I'm unfamiliar with the way the Image-bearers use their devices, but the way I've designed mine will make it so that I can see as though I were in the same room as my device.

When I woke up, the others had returned from their search. I still wasn't fully awake to understand what they were saying, but I'll pretend that I did. When I woke up, Kurt was calling me on my cell, saying that Barry was in great need of medical attention. I teleported over, and after some time was able to stabilize him. Evidence showed that there was a foreign substance introduced into his blood stream- a hallucinogen most typically used during interrogations. 

As Louise had interrogated him, I was afraid he had injected Barry without informing me. Upon my inquiries, he confirmed this to be true. I understand why he did it, and the benefits from it, but as we're trying to keep him healthy, he still should have told me. I asked him to keep me informed of his actions when they have bearing on the rest of us. If we're going to work together, then we need to do just that- work together. 

It seems he may have listened, too. He told me later that he was thinking of putting Barry out on the streets again. After some discussion, we agreed to transfer him to a hospital, have Kurt stay in the hospital as a guard, and plant the tracking device on his companion if & when he comes to visit.

I hope all goes well.



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