The Midnight Men

Thea K.'s PoV

Session III

I went with Athena & Inestine to the sewers today. We were instructed to look into a recent Minotaur sighting, down there. Thanks to Inestine we were able to locate him, due to his sense of smell. At first he was angry, as he thought me to be a human. I feared for my safety, so I revealed myself as an Atlantean. This calmed the Minotaur down, and we were able to carry out a conversation.

His name is Rob, and by my understanding, he was birthed in a breeding lab. While there, the humans severely mistreated him, and forced him to repair their weapons. He said that some of them brought in "really old swords," one of whom "smelled nasty… like drink." It sounds a lot like  our drunken friend from the other night. The others went to try to bring him in tonight (or, at least, get information). I wonder how things are going on their end.

We advised Rob to move a few streets down, in hopes that he'll continue to avoid contact with humans. With the man who sighted him the other night on the streets, it's most likely that he'll tell others about Rob. I get the impression that if anyone were to try to hunt down "the beast in the sewers", things would not go well for them. We tried to convince him that not all humans are really all that bad (and that he should probably stop stealing from them) but he didn't buy it. In the end, he'll be remaining in the sewers.

On our way back, I asked Athena & Inestine to refrain from telling the others of my heritage. I & my father had promised the elders not to let people on the surface know that we're Atlantean. I had thought it was simply due to our not knowing how the humans would react to us. We were first sent to the surface to learn of their technology, and learn what we could from them. We were told that if the humans knew our heritage, they wouldn't trust us, and would hoard their knowledge.

Athena questioned the need to hide who we are. She was very skeptical of the motivations behind the actions. She said that where there are secrets, there are most often hidden designs- designs that could incur harm to many people. I never even thought to question the motives of my own people before. We've never purposed to harm others, but what if our elders want revenge for the war? It was centuries ago, but it is still a possibility. My father & I were even sent to spy on their technological intellect. Though they are far behind our own people, even that knowledge could give our people a great advantage <s>if we were to</s>  in the event of conflict.

I'm not sure what to think anymore. I want to believe that my people are simply scared of humans still. After my conversation with Athena, though, I can't trust their motivations so blindly. She is right, after all. Those whose motives are pure have no reason to keep secrets. After all, there have been many other Atlanteans allowed to the surface without needing to hide

Louise has returned with the drunk. He is injured, and must be attended to. I will continue this later. -Thea K.



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