The Midnight Men

The Sewers

Athena Spade

I was sent to the sewers to deal with whatever was found down there, a large animal-man. They call it a "Minotaur." The gray creature and The young girl, Thea were sent as well. Thea knows the language it speaks. I suspect they don't trust me.

We found the thing easily enough; It didn't seem like he was even trying to hide judging by the mess he left. Vegetables and broken crates were strewn everywhere and several pipes were broken. I didn't think we had anything to fear from him, but it flew into a rage at the sight of Thea. He assumed her to be human and let his own bias get the best of him. Thankfully Thea chose this time to reveal herself as NOT human and he calmed. I find it interesting that this girl finds me untrustworthy and yet is the one keeping secrets. If I've learned one thing over the years it is that secrets do not keep and have a tendency to cause suffering to any with the misfortune of crossing their paths. I wonder what the others hide? What pain will they cause?

It seems our resident terrorist group is in the business of genetic engineering. One more sin to add to their judgment. The Minotaur, dubbed "Rob," was apparently born from a pod and "forced to fix swords." He was enslaved and suffered mistreatment at the hands of the humans involved. But they misjudged his strength and he escaped to the sewers. I assured him through Thea that no harm would come to him by humans while I was guarding him. I won't allow these murderers, thieves, and now slavers to cause any more harm to him. They will die by my hand, and no one will stop me.

He gave me a vegetable.

Thea is indeed keeping secrets. Apparently, her people are using her to watch the humans and get intelligence on them. I advised her to find out just what they are using her for, but it may not end well. More secrets. More pain. And our employer will have much to answer for. He keeps many secrets, one being the group we replaced. Who were they? And what happened to them? 

The others hadn't returned. We were down there for a while and I assumed they got caught up. I was right. They were fighting the terrorist again. I say "They." Louise was there, but another was there as well. He had an ephemeral, almost spiritual form.  They had subdued him, so I did the only logical thing: I killed him, or so I thought. The ghostly man approached me and stopped me. He told me I should "value life." How many lives were taken by this monster? Where is their value? Do they get justice? or does the monster's value supersede theirs? He knows nothing of the value of life. The lives of many.  When I approached the body, Louise appeared and stole the body away. He said, "Not yet." I can't catch him. He's too fast. I walked back by myself. I can't let this world suffer a similar fate to mine. I just can't.



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