The Midnight Men

Session 1 POV Eidothea K

"The other night, I was invited to visit the Headless Horseman with some friends. They said we were going there to study, but once there it seemed much more of a social gathering. Regardless, though, soon enough even our socializing was put to a stop.
A woman entered the tavern, carrying an ancient looking sword, surrounded by shady looking men. She shouted something or other, though I don't quite remember what. It seemed insignificant in light of all that followed. She was seemingly trying to entice someone there into a fight with her haughty words. In a drunken state, a man answered with more scoffs of his own. Even with numerous extraterrestrial beings and Atlanteans there, he was arrogant enough to claim humans as the superior race. If a brawl wasn't ensured before, it most certainly had been then.
Weapons were drawn from all around the room, and fighting ensued. Perhaps I should have left then, but seeing a clear path to the drunk, I chose to take action instead. Upon approaching the man, I realized that he too held an ancient sword, though of a different style than that which the woman possesed. Both the man & the woman used some sort of spell, I believe, and summoned beings from their swords. It didn't so much as summon, though, as transform the swords into armored beings- which made for rather formidable foes.
The brawling had ensued for only a short time when a most disturbing phenomenon occurred. Shadowy creatures, taking no particular form, with hundreds of eyeballs appeared all throughout the tavern. I could not determine what had been the cause of their appearance, and I decided I did not care to remain long enough to find out. I imagine the town's law enforcement took things from there.
I'm not sure why, but a woman approached me after the events of the evening. She said that I'm wanted to join a force of some sort. It's not as though I had done anything remarkable, though. I barely landed a hit. Still, it's not often that such a chance is presented, and I'm rather curious to learn more about it. Perhaps I shall accept her invitation.
- Thea K.



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