Eidothea (Thea) Kostopolis


Emerald Flicker: A young hero who utilizes her ability to teleport, as well as her knack with technology. She can occasionally (hardly) be seen teleporting in and out of enemies, firing at them with her hand-blasters. She is an unregistered hero who has only appeared in Pumpkin Hill in last few years. As she’s hardly ever seen, and even more rarely causes trouble, the authorities are not actively searching for her.

Eidothea Kostopolis is a young woman who recently moved to Pumpkin Hill with her father & little brother. She attends the local university, where she studies technology and has made a few friends. What her friends don’t know, though, is that she’s actually an Atlantean. Upon receiving permission to live on the surface, the Kostopolis’ were instructed by many elders to keep their heritage a secret. Only recently has Thea started questioning the need for this deception (see session 3).

Early in her time at the university, Thea read about the manipulation of energies through the channel’s of ones own body. She decided that in order to gain a better understanding of this, she ought to attempt it herself. However, her attempts quickly ran askew, and she unintentionally teleported to a different area altogether. Since then, she will on occasion inadvertently teleport, sometimes to places she’d never even imagined.

Thea fights with the Midnight Men out of a desire to protect the town her family is in, and in hopes that she may discover a reason for her recently acquired powers.

Human form:
5’ 1"
Long black hair (often in a bun)
Blue eyes
Slight build

Atlantean form:
Still 5’1"
Long green hair
Golden eyes
Fins & dark, green hide along forearms & legs
Gills (I’m not yet site where the best place for them to be is, yet)

Eidothea (Thea) Kostopolis

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