The majority of the game will be taking place in Pumpkin Hill and its surrounding areas, although there will be some sessions that involve world, time, and dimensional travel. 
Pumpkin Hill is a large suburb inside the city limits of Millennium City. Even though it is technically inside of the city limits, Pumpkin Hill has its own mayor and ruling city council. Population is just under 3 million. The area is made up of three neighborhoods: Cemetery Slope, Monument Ridge, and the biggest of the three which shares its name with the city and the topographical feature upon which it is built, Pumpkin Hill. 

Pumpkin Hill was once the sight of many great battles during the American Revolution, the War of 1812, and this timeline’s version of what we know as the Battle of Gettysburg. It is also located near dimensional weak points, like all of Millennium City. In fact, this is one of the reasons Millennium City was chosen as the spot for the Cosmic Gate. These features lead to the site being an attraction point for a lot of paranormal and supernatural occurrences; which draws many mages and supernatural creatures to the area.
Although a lot of natives know about these activities, no one really talks about them unless absolutely necessary and never with outsiders. Almost all the natives or long term residents have an uncanny knack for avoiding the supernatural dangers of the town. Whether it’s never being out on the streets at nights during a full moon or knowing which vampire clubs contain the real deal or just poser teenagers. Most lawmen carry things like garlic spray, holy water, and nightsticks that can turn into stakes, and many citizens carry at least one of these items. When something strange happens, the common response is, “Well, after all, this is Pumpkin Hill.”

Cemetery slope is the “richest” of the neighborhoods. It is mostly made up of middle class families and homes with small yards. It gets its name from the huge cemetery that not only holds those who died during the military conflicts but also many of those who have passed away in Millennium City. There was a recent scandal involving the excavation of some of the graves. Most people in Millennium city believe it was due to greedy undertakers double-booking, as it were, but the locals know the truth. Some of them left their graves, or otherwise were dug up for dark rituals or food.

Pumpkin Hill, the titular name for the region, is the closest to the city and therefore is the most city like, with a couple dozen large buildings that could be considered part of the city skyline. A few of the notable buildings are the M.E.C. R&D building, the Aethereus Corporate Headquarters and the Rodnengpa Conglomerate.  It also contains almost all of the civic buildings for the region. Although, unlike Millennium City’s very modern aesthetics, Pumpkin Hill’s architecture is more in line with that of the 20’s and 50’s. 

Monument ridge is the “downtown” area of Pumpkin Hill which contains the shopping centers, night life attractions, and the Howard Phillips School of High Learning. The shopping centers are mostly the standard area of mom and pop stores and larger chain stores, however there are a lot more occult themed proprietors, and the number of old musty second-hand bookstores way outnumbers the normal ratio per capita. Nightlife in Pumpkin Hill consists of a lot of clubs which all ways seem to be the trendiest in Millennium City despite the number of disappearances that occur. Howard Phillips School of high learning is a highly-respected university with many live-in and commuter students. Its most respected fields are its physics department and its anthropology department. 

Magic: While the normal person in this world has no problem accepting aliens, the idea of magic is laughable.  Some heroes get away with it by describing it as metaphysical energy manipulation. Most think of mages as a gadgeteer with a gimmick. Likewise, the idea of vampires, ancient gods, and other supernatural beings as absurd.  Your characters and the residents of Pumpkin Hill are some of the few people who know the truth.  Although if your charter knows the truth at the beginning of the campaign is up to you. 

Vigilantism: With its smaller budget and unique requirements, the city of Pumpkin Hill has no official heroes and instead relies on the heroes of Millennium City to deal with mundane supervillain threats when they happen. Pumpkin Hill pays a small annual fee for this service to Millennium City. However, when it comes to the day-to-day threats and the more mythical concerns, the town relies heavily on its police and local citizenship to take matters into its own hands, and turns a blind eye to such happenings on an even greater level than most cities. 

The Midnight Men

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